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We are experienced solicitors who deal with all aspects of personal insolvency and bankruptcy. We aim to provide accessible and affordable high quality legal services to all our clients.


Our solicitors have experience dealing with all of the various areas of dispute that can arise from an insolvency situation, such as disputes over property, issues concerning commercial businesses and directors as well as the proper court procedure required to see a matter through to a satisfactory conclusion.

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This website is provided by Grant Saw Solicitors LLP.  The information in this website is a general explanation of some of the legal processes and issues involved in bankruptcy and personal insolvency.  It is not legal advice in relation to any situation and it must not be relied upon as such. Grant Saw Solicitors LLP is not liable for any loss or other consequence arising from act or omission in connection with any information on this website. Grant Saw Solicitors LLP does provide legal advice in relation to bankruptcy and personal insolvency and anyone wishing to receive advice should please feel free to contact us for that purpose.